Tomato Harvest

We collect the best tomatoes from the fertile lands of the Aegean region

Drying with Natural Methods

We dry it in the sun with traditional methods using just a little salt.


We bring our healthy and delicious products to your tables by making clean production.

Natural and Clean Production

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Bapa Gıda is a food company that cares about naturalness, reliability, environment and traditions.

We believe in the importance of consuming the blessings that nature offers us in the most natural way. For this reason, we take care to use natural and healthy ingredients in our products. In addition, we do not forget the environmentally friendly and local flavors. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality and healthy products.

We Care About The Natural Environment

Good Agricultural Practices

We produce with the understanding of traceability and sustainability in agriculture, without harming people, the environment and other living things.

Natural Energy

While drying our products, we apply a traditional, sustainable and carbon-free drying method by using solar energy.


We prioritize sustainability while processing and packaging our products.

Agriculture is Our Future
The Future is in Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is an issue of great importance for our future. As Bapa Food, we also know the importance of sustainable agriculture and we are trying to take steps in this direction. We take care to protect the natural resources used in our production process, to reduce waste and to show a more environmentally friendly approach.

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